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Are you a child of the 90s? Were you obsessed with dinosaurs? Are you still obsessed with dinosaurs? Do you have at least one creative cell in your body?

Cool, us too.

"Rules" (if such a rigid term is applicable):

1. Draw and post one dinosaur every day in February. We're looking at 28 dinos.

2. This should go without saying, but embrace full creative reign! Cartoon dinos, feathered dinos, exquisitely detailed and scientifically accurate dinos, dinos wearing designer beanies and snapping selfies...they're all fair game. Take 2 minutes, take 5 hours. DOODLE YOUR DINO HOWEVER YOUR HEART DESIRES. ♥

3. Tag each post with #DailyDinos on other platforms so we can marvel at one another's dinos!

That's it. And have fun!

Recent submissions (39 total)

there's a relative of the spinosaurus named irritator. an irritator should bother someone. bothering makes me think of bothering snape from potter puppet pals.

the rhedosaurus is a dinosaur invented for the 1953 movie the beast from 20,000 fathoms.

i didn't know there was a dinosaur whose name was inspired by harry potter! i thought i'd dress it up in slytherin robes.

when iguanodon was first discovered, they thought the thumb spike was a nose horn. this sketch is based on early incorrect reconstructions. girl is unimpressed.


just under the wire. wish i had the time to do this concept justice. it's a teenage mutant ninja ankylosaurus. maybe.

Finally finished with my 200-page copyediting gig! Dino time!!
...Protoceratops, Metriorhychus, and Kentrosaurus!!

since it's family day here in ontario, and presidents' day in the united states, i did a quick sketch of a family of presidents. you can tell they're presidents because they're wearing top hats.

so i googled "vampire dinosaur" and it turns out that Pegomastax africanus has been given this nickname, due to its weird teeth and beak. it was actually quite small, and probably an herbivore! here's my rendition.

i've been sick. time to start my catch-up.

edmontosaurus representin' edmonton

Dino number four. The Spinophorosaurus is pretty unique with its spikey scaled skin!

I'll make for yesterday eventually! Only time to manage one dino today - have a Gallimimus! :D

Apparently in 1985 some Maiasaura bones went sent into space. Maiasauras built huge nests and seemed to be the helicopter moms of dinos! Wouldn't want to leave the kids behind on a trip to space.

Ooof last minute sketch again ;)

Drew a quick Oviraptor. I hear they like eggs so you better keep an eye out next time you want a some sunny side up

I've been backlogged! Here's my Diplodocus, Eoraptor, and Iguanodon to make up for it!!

For Eoraptor: its name literally means "Dawn Thief From The Lunar Valley", so I thought I'd play with that image. And please someone get the reference via Iguanodon. :P

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