there's a relative of the spinosaurus named irritator. an irritator should bother someone. bothering makes me think of bothering snape from potter puppet pals.

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the rhedosaurus is a dinosaur invented for the 1953 movie the beast from 20,000 fathoms.

i didn't know there was a dinosaur whose name was inspired by harry potter! i thought i'd dress it up in slytherin robes.

when iguanodon was first discovered, they thought the thumb spike was a nose horn. this sketch is based on early incorrect reconstructions. girl is unimpressed.


just under the wire. wish i had the time to do this concept justice. it's a teenage mutant ninja ankylosaurus. maybe.

since it's family day here in ontario, and presidents' day in the united states, i did a quick sketch of a family of presidents. you can tell they're presidents because they're wearing top hats.

so i googled "vampire dinosaur" and it turns out that Pegomastax africanus has been given this nickname, due to its weird teeth and beak. it was actually quite small, and probably an herbivore! here's my rendition.

i've been sick. time to start my catch-up.

edmontosaurus representin' edmonton

unfinished sketch of two Deinocheirus arm-wrestling, with a human officiating.

for decades, all we knew about the Deinocheirus were its arms, the only part of its skeleton that had been found, hence this arm-wrestling sketch :P only recently have more complete skeletons been discovered.

today i learned that quetzalcoatlus had a huge head, and probably ate small children.

by request. my research tells me that the only known dubreuillosaurus specimen is a juvenile. it has a long snout, long feet, and wears striped socks. it also plays video games, as shown here.

another quick sketchy entry. Sinosauropteryx was the first dinosaur fossil discovered with evidence of feathers. also realizing now that the tail is not nearly long enough.

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