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Finally finished with my 200-page copyediting gig! Dino time!!
...Protoceratops, Metriorhychus, and Kentrosaurus!!

I'll make for yesterday eventually! Only time to manage one dino today - have a Gallimimus! :D

I've been backlogged! Here's my Diplodocus, Eoraptor, and Iguanodon to make up for it!!

For Eoraptor: its name literally means "Dawn Thief From The Lunar Valley", so I thought I'd play with that image. And please someone get the reference via Iguanodon. :P

Bah! Late by a few minutes for Dino #5! Whatever. Another quickie. Oviraptor is not impressed with its Egg McMuffin.

Short on time today! Here's a quick headshot of Megapnosaurus, formerly known as Syntarsus. I always loved the colour scheme the illustration had in one of my kiddie magazines. :D

What better choice for the third of my #DailyDinos than the classic Triceratops? He's pissed that someone drew a number on him...

It's a Deinonychus! Giving it's wicked little scythe toes a pedicure. :3

The first of my #DailyDinos comes with a childhood confession: I was SO OBSESSED with dinosaurs as a kid that I was convinced many of my favourite Disney films (particularly Aladdin) would be vastly improved if the characters were all anthropomorphic dinosaurs. I went so far as to specifically reimagine Aladdin himself as an Anatotitan.

The cherry on top: At the age of five, I recall asking my mother if there was a way I could reanimate portions of the movie myself to turn the characters into dinosaurs. She said no. :D;

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