i like bunnies and godzilla. on twitter i am BOTH @bunnyhero and @BearInATeaCup

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looks like i fell off the wagon. here are some doodles i drew on an envelope during a meeting

also I wish there were a way to disable likes and commments here. I just share to keep myself accountable, not looking for feedback :/

A submission for Daily Art Club

meh, too sleepy to draw much. doodling wario as well as odlaw from where's Waldo. wanted to do a crossover of some kind. maybe I'll continue tomorrow

trying to get back on the wagon.

or something. idk i'm sleepy

doodled a bunch but didn't really come up with much.

character concept sketch for #PDJAM (public domain game jam).

omg getting clooosseee. i wrote a bunch today. need to write a bunch more tomorrow and the next. the conspiracy stuff is kicking in.

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