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ampelosauruses were unknown when i was a kid. they are sauropods with bony armour. i thought i'd play with the "armour" idea, so it ended up with a helmet and boots. i think i made the human too big—just say it's a young ampelosaurus in training for patrol.

Based on denver the last dinosaur. I realize Im not 100% sure what a kickflip looks like

The first of my #DailyDinos comes with a childhood confession: I was SO OBSESSED with dinosaurs as a kid that I was convinced many of my favourite Disney films (particularly Aladdin) would be vastly improved if the characters were all anthropomorphic dinosaurs. I went so far as to specifically reimagine Aladdin himself as an Anatotitan.

The cherry on top: At the age of five, I recall asking my mother if there was a way I could reanimate portions of the movie myself to turn the characters into dinosaurs. She said no. :D;