I'm a little pushed for time so I just found some notes I liked, improvised a little and called it done. Everything is just as I played it out live so the timing is probably bad and could barely be called a "composition" but if I'm going to start making more music I need to start somewhere, and I don't totally hate this so that's cool.

Paulgami9 years ago

This is cool, it kind of makes me think of the emptyish, high fantasy places in Final Fantasy IX and games like that.

thelsdj9 years ago

Yeah I like this, It reminds me of some of the sounds on Nicolas Jaar's Space Is Only Noise album.

Aeronic9 years ago

I like it! It makes me think of a person wandering through some desolate place. If it had a twangy tremolo steel guitar it'd be a nice ambient tune for a cowboy or something.

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kind of a little busy in places and I think some parts are fighting with others, but I still feel like I'm learning and getting stuff out of it so... yay I guess.

Pretty short again but I think I'm improving.

wanted to do more, but didn't. ah well.

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