A little bit of line art, a little bit of writing, got some (buggy) coding done too!

More submissions by CScribes for #30daydev - 2015 - Q1 (Jan - Apr)

Some cat boys in my anime style (left), and original (right). Cool down from NaNo

Long break to finish up NaNoRenO. Here's some rusty pixel art for a platformer character named Toxki (toe-key).

An older version/doodle of Fatima from The Texture of Love found here ==> http://hazel-bun.itch.io/the-texture-of-love. Need to come back to this one

Great day for dev today! Art included :) Thinking about entering NaNoRenO as a oncept artist/co-writer for an awesome project idea. Have some owls in the the mean time!

More doodles from A Simple Act! Busy day, trying to start Elli's chibi

Slept most of the day away after class/work. Doodled a little headshot from a game. (Will flip later!)

Worked on a mockup of Fatal Allure's texbox and two completed sprites, along with cleaning Elvis' sketch from ASA!

#30daydev - 2015 - Q1 (Jan - Apr)

30 days to motivate you and push your game dev to the limits!

daily from 2015-01-27 to 2015-04-27