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Spend some time every week practicing your instrument, and record how much time you spent on it. Bonus points for listing pieces practiced, and the ocassional recording.

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A submission for Instrument practice 29

I've actually practiced a bit here an there - but not as much as I'd like to. Going to try for at least 10 minutes a day for this week. Wish me luck!

A submission for Instrument practice 24

Continued strength training, my fingers are pretty weak. Did some scales and some jamming. Will work through some pieces next week

A submission for Instrument practice 23

Got back from my cruise, and then was sick for a week. I started retraining my muscles with some basic scales.

A submission for Instrument practice 19

Mostly just jamming, although I went through Think of Me one time.

A submission for Instrument practice 18

More cello practice, Clocks and Game of Thrones...

A submission for Instrument practice 16

Practiced Game of Thrones and Lilium. After so long I was glad that I mostly remembered and kept to the fingering I had been using for Game of Thrones - though I think I need to change some of it. I also found myself using 4th position fairly naturally a couple times on Lilium which I had never attempted before, so playing with different positions is starting to sink in. Band practice didn't happen this week, which was sad.

A submission for Instrument practice 15

More band practice. Some of the songs we used to think worked really well aren't working so well now. Don't know if it's the time away or if we were deaf before when we thought they worked.

A submission for Instrument practice 14

This submission is empty

A submission for Instrument practice 13

1 hr of GETTING THE BAND BACK TOGETHER. Well, just two of us. Cool how much came back after a year of not playing those songs.

A submission for Instrument practice 12

  • Thursday: 30 minutes of the study by Romberg.

A submission for Instrument practice 11

Twice through Think of Me and some intensive on the final run section. It's a really fun song to play!

I'm down to one day a week and I'm fine with that for now. My skills probably aren't improving much, but if I miss a one week that becomes 2 and then 3 and then next thing I know I have gone 5 years without playing and lost all of my skills! Let's not let that happen again mkay?

The search for an instructor is currently delayed as stuffs going on lately. Maybe august.

A submission for Instrument practice 11

  • Thursday: 1h of practice of the study by Romberg, with my tuner to check my accuracy

A submission for Instrument practice 10

I practiced Lilium. I am at the point where I think I may be ready to find a teacher. Going to start that process this week.

A submission for Instrument practice 10

Little pause this week, I only played with my teacher on monday.

We did a few 4th position exercises and he gave me a new lesson to work on, using both the 1st and 4th positions. Looks difficult and fun! :D

Played Game of Thrones and Phantom of the Opera for fun. Worked a bit harder on Think of Me, especially the difficult run and high note at the end of the song. Not up to speed there but getting close.

Camping trip and bad sunburn from said trip made it hard to get something for this lol.

  • Tuesday: 1h lesson, new exercises and new piece to work on! :D
  • Thursday: 1h15, I tried the new exercises but let the new piece alone… for now. :)
  • Friday: 1h of the new exercises and a little bit of the new piece (I cut my finger while slicing bread so I'm having a hard time with extensions -_-)
  • Saturday: 1h, still doing the exercises but I focused more on the new piece (which is a study by Romberg by the way), this one is quite difficult! :o
  • Sunday: 1h15, a tiny bit of exercises and a lot of training on the study by Romberg. Half of it is completely in extension! :O
  • Monday: 30 minutes, still training on the study by Romberg. I only practiced 30 minutes because my fingers hurt. :(

Played one song. Today. Yeah. Busy weekend, and sore arms.

Only 10 minutes…

I need to record myself.

Seulement 10 minutes…

Je dois m'enregistrer.

  • Saturday: 1h, lots of 4th position exercises, menuet d'Exaudet nearly at regular speed.
  • Sunday: 1h, like yesterday I worked on the 4th position a bit and then I played the menuet d’Exaudet multiple times, insisting on parts I don’t fully master yet. I’ll probably play it with the teacher tomorow! :D
  • Monday: probably around 30 minutes, I did some 4th position exercises and I played the menuet d’Exaudet multiple times at normal speed. :) The lesson has been postponed to tomorow.

Only about 1h, game of thrones and elfen lied.

Getting back to it!

  • Wednesday: ~30 minutes, I started a bit late so I didn’t have much time to practice. Anyways I practiced a bit my 4th position and chords. I also played the study by Bréval a little bit. :)
  • Saturday: about 1h
  • Monday: 1h, study by Bréval, more 4th position training

I want to begin a new song but i'm not satisfied about my skill on "La danse de l'ours".

  • Tuesday : 40 minutes. My left arm is not yet strong enough.

Je voudrais commencer une nouvelle chanson, mais je ne suis pas satisfait par mon niveau sur "La danse de l'ours".

  • Mardi : 40 minutes. Mon bras gauche n'est pas encore assez musclé.

I've been sick, so only 2 days of practice. Still keeping it going though!

  • More Game of Thrones, although I forgot the perfect fingering I had from last week. I'm kind of struggling. As soon as I find the right fingering again I'm going to write it down. I can play at speed but still with the occasional mistake. Tone quality is still pretty poor on string transitions.
  • Added a few more pop pieces to the roster, I especially like Coldplay's Clocks.
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