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i'm attempting camp nanowrimo again this april. i hope this streak will help keep me on track!

post your wordcount for the day, along with an excerpt you like (if you want).

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omg getting clooosseee. i wrote a bunch today. need to write a bunch more tomorrow and the next. the conspiracy stuff is kicking in.

uggghhh worrrrk. i only wrote 200 words :( dunno if i'll even finish the words. but i wrote today. sigh

argh, if i make it i'll be cutting it close :( and even if i hit my word count goal, i'm not going to hit my other goal of having a more or less complete story arc. hmmm. oh well. stupid other deadlines, and life crap. sigh.

ugh i'm trying to work on too many things at once. only wrote ~125 words today but at least i wrote. life is too busy, too much crap going on.

keeping a steady 1000 words behind, lol.

things have taken a turn for the worse for our heroes. kind of depressing actually.

STILL WRITING YAY (still behind boo, lol).

ok i had an idea for a scene roughly planned out—but while writing i forgot about my original goals for it. it was supposed to end badly for the heroes, but instead they kicked ass. oops haha. oh well, i can rewrite later...

hope to keep writing a little bit tonight, but thought i'd make an entry before it's too late!

anyway. i wrote some. whee

still writing woo.

not going to say anything else because i'm not really looking for advice.

not the best day. i did write though. the writing is coming easier, but i'm still not sure exactly where it's going, which is super frustrating because my main goal this month was to have a somewhat completed story. bah. oh well.

still ~1000 words behind.

time is running out. i'm just under 1000 words behind. still. getting a bit stuck. hmmmmm....

slugging along! still behind but within reach. wish i knew more camp nanoers who were still writing >_>

still writing, but slipping farther behind. this streak is helping keep me from dropping behind even farther than that, though. it'll be a busy couple of days ahead. i'll have to catch up next week more......

i wrote very little because of exhaustion. but i wrote! ~100 words...

i didn't even feel like writing at all tonight, but i forced myself. the fact that i didn't want to break my streak really helped. i wrote ~600 words today :O i've gotten to the first real fight scene. it's quite silly, but fun to write anyway.

i can't believe we're almost halfway through april! i wrote 709 words, still about 1000 behind.

just wrote a little, but every little bit helps. i'm about 1000 words behind where i "ought" to be, but that's manageable...


they heard the strangest sound coming from behind them, a sound like a cross between metal being torn apart and an elephant giving birth.

streak still unbroken!! i wrote today, close to par. probably will hit par for the 12th after i post this, but i wanted to submit before i forgot :P

excerpt time!

the policewoman noticed enzo's apparent but momemtary enthusiasm. or surprise. "yes, machinery. what strange machine have you seen?"
"uh. none. nothing," said enzo. "i mean. i saw my-- my scooter is strange. and a machine." he kicked it.
"it's strange?" said the cop, raising an eyebrow. she looked at the kick scooter then back at enzo. "what makes it strange?"
"i mean it makes strange... it's been making strange noises tonight!" he said.
"strange noises," repeated the cop. her eyebrow was still raised. in fact it raised even higher.
"yeah like..." enzo stammered. "like... click click bang click screech click thumpa click woo woooo"
"i see," said the cop. "can you show me?"
"oh uh," said enzo. he picked his scooter up and rolled it back and forth a little. as he did so, he made the sounds with his mouth. "click click bang screech woo woo..."

caught up! my characters have been stalling, but i've finally got them out of the room they were in, ha.

still behind, but starting to pick up the pace again. wrote 730 words today, although not much happening really. nothing worth sharing either. hope to make up more this weekend.

my schedule was a mess today. i did bang out 197 words though. it's getting more difficult these days!

it gets hard to find time to write in a busy work day, but i managed it. almost at par again.

crappy excerpt:

"tyrano took his proposals to the ruling council, who of course soundly rejected them. so he created a secret society and a secret lab and built a secret army of secret cyborgs and secret weapons."

alas, due to work pressures, i did not write my quota for the day. but i did write something (about 150 words), which is what this streak is about. tiny excerpt:

a holographic image of the earth's moon floated in mid-air, turning slowly.

4000 words! crappy excerpt (and i'm finally getting to the story, ha):

"yes, i am alive," said the robot. "and thank you for saving me. my name is Y.U.T.U. and i am the last remnant of an ancient lunar civilization, come to earth to warn you of grave danger."

"my name is enzo!" said enzo. "e-n-z-o."

"greetings E.N.Z.O," said YUTU. "you are the one who found me."

"yes," he said. "this is my sister phoenix and her friend addison."

"greetings PHOENIX and ADDISON." the robot clicked and whirred.

phoenix shook her head. "is this for real? this must be some kind of prank. there's got to be hidden cameras somewhere. or right inside the robot."

"it's way more sophisticated to be a prank," said addison. "that technology inside. way too advanced."

"you really think it's from the moon, then?" said phoenix. "there's no life on the moon!"

"you are correct," said YUTU. "there is no life on the moon-- not any more. but millennia ago, there was. a highly advanced civilization that lived far beneath the surface."

total words: 3427. my goal this month is 20,000 so i'm on track still.

no excerpt today, it's all crap, crap!

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