idk what i'm doing

keikoawfi · 251 days ago

@Mossy thank you so much - my english is very limited but i'll try my best to explain who they are!

keikoawfi · 251 days ago

@aromoma you're so sweet thank you- :(( <3

aromoma · 252 days ago

the clothing folds and the shoelaces are killing me, it's so good. very interested in the backstory for this character

Mossy · 252 days ago

really like how you drew the clothes :O
this character is intriguing

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Lee Minho from Stray Kids!

I genuinely don't know what I'm doing, but I'm really enjoying it-

A weird study ?? I don't know what I was trying to do but the process was actually pretty fun, so i guess that's good :D
It's the first time I try to draw without.. lines ? I think i'm going to try and study values...

I drew my friend for his birthday :)

Quick drawing of Lee Felix from Stray kids :)

Working on this drawing of Park Seonghwa :)
It's been so long since I've drawn digitally... I'm pretty happy with how it's looking so far!

Choi Yeonjun from TXT!

Choi Beomgyu from TXT :)

I still don't really like it, but i do think it looks better now that it is colored :)
(reference picture : Yan An from Pentagon)

It looks..sad.. and boring :D
It's probably because i simply redrew a picture ?

Choi Beomgyu from TXT :)

I messed up his right eye... :(

Getting back into drawing regularly is hard but I don't want to give up-
Here's a quick sketch of Han Jisung from Stray Kids :)

Hehe hello everyone.. :D

It's all i could draw today :(
I really need to work on expressions and angles
I feel like I drew this face a thousand times already

i'm back! after two weeks,,,
school is taking me a lot of time D:
here's Yan an from Pentagon!

some sanrio characters :D
(-> kuromi, my melody, pompompurin, keroppi & hello kitty)

Finally finished it :)

i just finished the lineart :) it's past midnight here i think i need to go to sleep-

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