I drew my friend's oc for an art trade :)

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Did I mention I like astronauts?

That thing looks tired and it's only a few hours old...
By the way I hope it's appropriate for me to post my crochet projects, if it's not please let me know, I won't mind!

I really like astronauts
(T ki -> who r u)

I just finished reading The song of Achilles and was inspired to draw this angry looking Patroclus

Here's how I imagine a scene from the short story Herbert West—Reanimator by H.P. Lovecraft.
(Btw I wouldn't recommend this story, the blatant racism and weird requirements under which the story was written are pretty disturbing)
But anyway, these guys looked cool.

It was too late when I realized I could use this as a palette, I chose red clay instead of white :( I might paint it white once it's dry.

Okay I'll stop with the trees now

Funky tree again

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Apple from Fantastic Mr. Fox :)

The tree and the clouds looked really pretty :D

Also, there's this character in The Fall of the house of Usher called Madeline, and I can't stop picturing her as Madeline from Celeste. She looks cute.
(there's definitely something wrong with her arms)

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