i dunno what i'm doing but i'm trying to art more

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hmmmmmm... feels like i need to do more worldbuilding

tried a different approach & blocked out some shapes without color first
going to try some more variations later, this still feels kinda generic

i rarely draw my characters as fullbodies mostly because i have no idea how to design outfits... but i made an attempt today, don’t know if i like it

also i drew too small again so it’s blurry oops

...i’m still sleep deprived so i have to subject you all to this image
trying out clip studio paint

attempt #2, less ambitious but more successful, turns out painting is easier if i don’t start with lines

it’s a redraw of my first portrait painting all the way back in 2016, included below ^^

there was An Attempt but i still don’t know how to paint faces 🙃

also colors look so different on different screens, i think i keep starting out too dark

going to have to figure out how to shade this...

uhh... I did a random shape challenge...

i think i spent too much time fiddling with this study but i attempted painting again with some new brushes

gotta stop drawing so small oops

trawling randomly thru pinterest again

haven't drawn in pencil in a while

i dunno what im doing but im abusing the airbrush

Turns out adding lines after fiddling with colors turns out better hmmm

high heels are extremely mysterious to me...

goodbye 2020, no one will miss you

Gestures lesson 4 and some untimed figure drawing

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