Submissions from 2020-04-21 to 2020-04-22 (10 total)

It's been a while since the last art post! I've been stuck doing alot of animations so I've veered off from digital doodles...
I will get back in the groove of posting daily again, but it will be a mix of pixels and digital! Legggoo :D

okay im gonna get through these figuary 2019 videos then i'll go on to something longer

Attempted to draw a standing horse

From non-study things today!

  1. A road
  2. Confusing Simon Stalenhag inspired sketch-thing
    I had no idea how to shade this one x⸑x

actually writing story: no
designing new characters: yes

i redsigned cyr and tried out some concept of a new character i call sterling who would be a steel type trainer. since i already have eight gym leaders planned, he would possibly be like an optional gym leader...not that i'm limited to eight. anyway. coloring was a disaster.

finished result of the tutorial