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Today's things!

  1. Deconstructing of this architecture + 3 angles based on the deconstruction
  2. First photo + 2 sketches from reference
  3. An environment study! I think this one is better than yesterday's, but the water got me, whoops
  4. Composition studies from My Neighbor Totoro
  5. Attempt at thumbnail compositions based on the prev. comp studies

Apr 5

A submission for Daily Art

An attempt at replicating this landscape!! Landscapes & painting them are a super weak spot for me

I think a big mistake for this one was that I used a hard chunky brush (I used it to sketch, but it carried over to the final thing, whops) for everything and then used a soft cloud brush for the clouds. Also, I felt like the painting process or at least the feeling of the whole study feels more like markers rather than painting, so I'm trying to wrap my head around that. :0 Also, the details of a landscape always get to me. Hopefully I can approach it differently tomorrow!

Apr 4

A submission for Daily Art

Some Asian-ish styled architecture! Did you know they're called pagodas? :0

The first row are quick sketches from reference and the rest are mine! It was pretty tiring drawing the same type of building and trying to make them different, but somewhat fun too!

Apr 3

A submission for Daily Art

Spent most of the day trying to get this study of a mountain & rock texture right, wow it didn't come out so good, but it looks pretty ok from afar. (I painted with the canvas super zoomed out) More practice tomorrow!

Also, here's a WIP head for the April head challenge! Not sure if I'll stick too closely to the guidelines since portraits aren't exactly what I want to work on right now, but I'll try to get one good portrait out a few times a week!

Apr 2

A submission for Daily Art

Practiced lighting today w/ just 2 values! Meet ice-cream mech, a piece of machinery with a design that makes no sense

It's hard to tell what it is because of bad lighting choice & the way I lit it, but I might practice other angles of light with the same drawing soon so it's easier to see what's going on. I learned a lot from this drawing!

Apr 1

A submission for Daily Art

Happy April everyone!

I don't feel too great today. But I did do a cool portrait! It's not very noticeable but this my first digital & person thing that uses the things I learned so far about light, shadow & rendering

This is for Mithrilda's April Drawing Challenge. If you're interested in drawing heads along with some other people, I think you'd enjoy it too!

April Challenge Video
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Mar 31

A submission for Daily Art

Some studies for today. These are my first! Studying from some photos & applying it to my own lil sketches to test if it'd work. Fun art practice, I think anyone could benefit from this kind of exercise!!

Here's a video for anyone who wants to learn more about what a study is and how to approach it! Here's another one that explains studies & its benefits from a scientific point of view

Back to today's submission, here is your generic mountains and sky :D Clouds are fun to draw, but I've never made a realistic cloud before

Mar 30

A submission for Daily Art

Hope everyone's doing well!

  1. My first interesting make-believe illustration thing! Lots of places to improve here too
  2. Today I tried 3-point perspective for the first time! It's a messy test & pretty wonky but it was fun to make!

Mar 29

A submission for Daily Art

More rendering practice today!!
The first & second pictures are the before & after of this vase -- line art by Matt Kohr!

Mar 28

A submission for Daily Art

2nd try at shading the skull! I think this turned out pretty good! A bit messy, but cool from a distance so that's a win :D

Today I tried to shade a skull & it was very hard. Continuing tomorrow :D

Exercise from ctrl + paint

Today's things! More ctrl+paint exercises & my first value study!

  1. Value studies! The first one was pretty difficult, but I felt like it got a little easier towards the end(?) No perspective grids for this one. All in all, it was challenging and fun!
  2. Brush control exercise
  3. Blending exercise where you blend solid colour planes to make the shading for this apple The apple on the left is my attempt!

Another exercise for ctrl+paint! The right halves for each shape are mine, and the left are the originals! Some were pretty tricky, and not all are too accurate, but this one was a fun exercise!

Didn't do too much today, and most likely won't do much tomorrow either because of some other things. Hopefully by the 27th/28th I'll be have my semi-regular workload/routine again. :D

Today's things!

  1. Ctrl + Paint exercise. First digital painting lesson! This one was about copying the shapes/rendering. Mine are on the right halves, and the originals are on the left.
  2. First digital scene & storytelling attempt!! This turned out a lot scarier than I imagined it to be. I don't know how to paint or tell a story well yet but this was a good first try I think

Small test, but first perspective sketches done digitally!! :0 Hopefully I can try doing some more complex things in the future

Moving onto digital a lot faster than I planned to, very much because I'm running out of paper and don't want to go out to shop right now/receive mail at the moment D:

Just a little sketch of a jar of kitchen utensils for today. This was an exercise from Perspective made easy!

What I worked on today!

  1. More 2-point perspective grid practice
  2. An ink bottle (Perspective made easy exercise)
  3. Bedroom sketch(?) My first digital perspective drawing!! Didn't use any grids for this one, but I thought the execution to get here was pretty cool!

Took a little break from drawing perspective & traditional art to try something new
(۶ꈨຶꎁꈨຶ )۶ʸᵉᵃʰᵎ

These are my first digital thumbnails, I think they turned out kinda cool!

Here's what I worked on today!

  1. Imagined house + thumbnail
  2. My shot a train & a 2-point grid
  3. First car in 2-point perspective
  4. 5 objects in 2-point
  5. Some lazy environment thumbnails

Today's things!

  1. 5 sketches of objects in perspective
  2. 3 imagined environment thumbnails
  3. Imagined house + thumbnail (Warm up this morning!)
  4. A table with a vase in the middle -- Perspective Made Easy Exercise
  5. A little sketch of a 2-point interior -- Perspective Made Easy Exercise

Today's things! Didn't get to work on everything I wanted today, but got some exercises n stuff in

  1. Thumbnail + imagined house
  2. 1st attempt at drawing an interior
  3. Pillar division exercise attempt #2! Today went a lot better than yesterday

Today's things:

  1. Two imagined buildings! The left are little thumbnails and the right I tried to draw them in 2-point!
  2. Perspective Made Easy Exercises. Turning "bricks" into different things. :D
  3. First 2-point grid! I feel like I'm sort of getting it, but also it's really complicated. The bottom is an attempt to make 3 parts that kind of extrude from a wall. Didn't turn out that well (Trying again tomorrow)
  4. 1 thumbnail of a house in perspective! Referenced, and was really hard to get right but gave it my best try

Today's things!

  1. Perspective Made Easy Exercises
    • Rotating a book on a table & observe how the VPs move
    • Drawing a candy box w/ the VPs far apart VS. close together
    • An attempt at drawing various rectangular things w/ different VPs on the same horizon line
  2. Framed Perspective exercises! Going back and doing some exercises! The book doesn't clearly state to do them
  3. Top: VP exercise, an attempt to make a 2-point perspective grid. The instructions were a bit hard to follow, but gonna try again tomorrow. Bottom: Practicing shapes in 2-point!
  4. Practicing landscapes in 2-point! All referenced.

Today's things!

  1. Some 2-point exercises! The bottom half was hard because one of the vanishing points was off the page and I had a really bad reference to mark the spot 🤧
  2. 2-point foreshortening exercise!
  3. My first imagined environment?? I really can't draw monsters (or people) or anything, but in the thumbnail, he was a lot cuter.

Hard to tell but they're having lunch too. Egg monster has a little sandwich on the right and the strangely posed stickman is holding a juice box :D

More ugly imagined things coming soon!

Only finished the drawing from yesterday, today.

Wasn't feeling that good today, but managed to do this and make a video!

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