Submissions from 2020-04-04 to 2020-04-05 (7 total)

Some Asian-ish styled architecture! Did you know they're called pagodas? :0

The first row are quick sketches from reference and the rest are mine! It was pretty tiring drawing the same type of building and trying to make them different, but somewhat fun too!

Hey, it's your boy, Garfield..

I'm somewhat getting quicker drawing digitally? it felt like it didn't take me as long to get a sketch and some colors on. still trying some different techniques/brushes to see what i like more.

about this picture: i had an idea of what lionel looked like as a kid (around age 10 or 13?) prior to transitioning. the bow is supposed to look like cat ears lol. don't know how well i portrayed that. after puberty hits, the dysphoria gets really bad pushing them to transition