Submissions from 2020-03-24 to 2020-03-25 (7 total)

We're back baby. My new garfield website works like a charm. I think that since it's the home stretch I gotta try to do these 9 grids every day. To be realistic.. I gotta allocate 2 hours buffer before bed to draw.. do i have what it takes?

Today's things!

  1. Ctrl + Paint exercise. First digital painting lesson! This one was about copying the shapes/rendering. Mine are on the right halves, and the originals are on the left.
  2. First digital scene & storytelling attempt!! This turned out a lot scarier than I imagined it to be. I don't know how to paint or tell a story well yet but this was a good first try I think

i caught this idiot naruto running around the island so naturally i had to draw him. thought i'd try out a different brush and I like the effect.