Submissions from 2020-03-16 to 2020-03-17 (6 total)

Garfield getting smashed with his bro before coronavirus kills jon

Today's things:

  1. Two imagined buildings! The left are little thumbnails and the right I tried to draw them in 2-point!
  2. Perspective Made Easy Exercises. Turning "bricks" into different things. :D
  3. First 2-point grid! I feel like I'm sort of getting it, but also it's really complicated. The bottom is an attempt to make 3 parts that kind of extrude from a wall. Didn't turn out that well (Trying again tomorrow)
  4. 1 thumbnail of a house in perspective! Referenced, and was really hard to get right but gave it my best try

WOO. i did lineart of the boy. the younger version of him on the right actually looks a lot better and cleaner by comparison. eventually i'll do lineart of the left one. i'm tired ya'll.