Submissions from 2020-03-15 to 2020-03-16 (7 total)

Had to go to the official garfield website cuz it looks like the site I was usin aint comin back

Today's things!

  1. Perspective Made Easy Exercises
    • Rotating a book on a table & observe how the VPs move
    • Drawing a candy box w/ the VPs far apart VS. close together
    • An attempt at drawing various rectangular things w/ different VPs on the same horizon line
  2. Framed Perspective exercises! Going back and doing some exercises! The book doesn't clearly state to do them
  3. Top: VP exercise, an attempt to make a 2-point perspective grid. The instructions were a bit hard to follow, but gonna try again tomorrow. Bottom: Practicing shapes in 2-point!
  4. Practicing landscapes in 2-point! All referenced.

Reference, james jean

more evo sketches. i'm leaning more to the design on the right, but i like the idea of the one on the left being a ghost/grass type.