Submissions from 2020-03-14 to 2020-03-15 (7 total)

Wow this was a long session. 10 mins for each square (about) then touchups afterwards

Today's things!

  1. Some 2-point exercises! The bottom half was hard because one of the vanishing points was off the page and I had a really bad reference to mark the spot 🤧
  2. 2-point foreshortening exercise!
  3. My first imagined environment?? I really can't draw monsters (or people) or anything, but in the thumbnail, he was a lot cuter.

Hard to tell but they're having lunch too. Egg monster has a little sandwich on the right and the strangely posed stickman is holding a juice box :D

More ugly imagined things coming soon!

sketched concept for an evolution for maractus. doesn't have a name yet.

Reference - James Jean