Glentgm · 315 days ago
snailtendo · 316 days ago

Aw she's so cute!! 😭 I love her hair

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I hadn't much time today so it looks a bit meh,but its ok

The second one is kinda looking weird but i couldnt get it right after many tries so i gave up,better to move on :p

Im gonna be doing some study on pokemons,my plan is to do all the ones from unova's region,today is Snivy and Servine

I tried to make a random character,not bad for first try i would say,but a lot to improve yet

im having lot of fun drawing hands with power lol,usually people dont like to draw hands but it is kinda fun for me

I was going to post this yesterday but i took too long to finish

just some head studies,not much today

Just drawing what comes into my mind so i don't stay without drawing

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