Submissions from 2020-03-06 to 2020-03-07 (8 total)

I am failing at going bed earlier

i drew very late. oops. also a wip of a character under the view more. pls don't look

im having lot of fun drawing hands with power lol,usually people dont like to draw hands but it is kinda fun for me

Today's practice!

  1. Finished yesterday's train drawing. I feel like the seats are a bit too far away from each other & some other things but I think this one turned out pretty ok!
  2. Next one-point perspective drawing. 2nd to last referenced one-point sketch I plan on doing for now.
  3. 2-point perspective multiple box exercise from VP :D
  4. Foreshortening practice in 1-point/2-point. This is pretty cool, still getting the hang of it!

Gotta work on facial and hand expressions!
I will prioritize drawing it quickly over quality because the bad quality makes it look kind of funny & I needa draw a few dozen in a weekend