Submissions from 2020-03-05 to 2020-03-06 (8 total)

these 3 by 3 remind me of how many days I have left (35)

Some more practice!

  1. Finished yesterdays drawing
  2. Today's WIP. It seemed easy but it's been pretty hard so far. (It's the inside of a subway train)
  3. First 2-point perspective exercise!! It may be a slightly turned box but I was really excited when I did it. I've been putting of 2-point for a few days because these sketches take up lots of my day (and I wake up late)

there's been a transmasc headcanon going around for this character i really love so i wanted to draw my own take on a transmasc character for my story. his name is lionel

i stole this palette from the internet and desaturated it so it wouldn't be so hard on the eyes. i like it so far, but i'll probably end up changing the eye color to something less red lol.

Reference liam wong