Submissions from 2020-03-01 to 2020-03-02 (8 total)

Today's things! I don't know if I learned anything but I do know that I sweat a lot

They're just before (if I remembered to take one) & after shots.

I have a few comments on some of them.

I had some trouble on the basketball court one because the backboard was at a slightly different angle in the ref picture than my grid.

Also the last one a bit because of the placement of the wires/towers.

This was interesting because I thought these were gonna be the easiest landscapes to draw out of all of them.

All in all big big struggles ( ´_ノ` )

But it feels worth it

I need to master the shapes of garf. I tried doing a tracing session to see if it could help me master the motions but I don't know if that helps

just some head studies,not much today

sorta tired today