Submissions from 2020-02-21 to 2020-02-22 (7 total)

whats the point of drawing garfield

Woke up at 9 today! :0 But ended up taking a 4 hour nap. I feeling like I'm getting a lot closer to my ideal working amount though (for art!)

Here are all the drawings in order:

  1. Negative space homework from ctrl + paint
  2. 6 thumbnails of random things using perspective's 3 most basic principles
  3. 6 thumbnails of real rough landscapes that demonstrate foreground/middle ground/background (hard to tell though)
  4. Divide space exercise from Vanishing point! It's supposed to show how diagonal lines in a square will always cross each other in the middle & you can make smaller squares inside them too
  5. Transfer measurements exercise from Vanishing point. My kinda wonky attempt at it at least! This one is supposed to show how the divisions at the front can transfer perfectly to the sides and bottom of the cube

drew perspective from memory- tough but effective exercise!