Submissions from 2018-08-10 to 2018-08-11 (6 total)

I'd post it but it looks random and awful because there are lots of huge gaps in the pixels. It looks sort of cool though, it's maybe halfway done.

A submission for Daily Art

reformatted and ready to go for ludum dare weekend

Most of today's work was done in the sketchbook - 50 hands this morning.

Still learn more C# stuff,more so other basic concept like moving a single Char to another. just learning stuff in unity is different then working on stuff in just C# by it's self. Also working out some art for some story beats for an Idea I want to do so i can working on crafting story's in unity and get better at coding all at the same time! It's like that one ad "Coding your own games. It's easier then you think" ya that guy can go fuck himself.