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A submission for Daily Art

Still a bit unmotivated about art right now, so it's a fast doodle.

3d sculpt in zbrush, rendered in modo

i'm finally getting around to brushing up on my anatomy

Day #2

A submission for Daily Art

I'm sick so here is a quick sketch.


A submission for Daily Art

Not very good, but I spent a while on it and it still looks bad so I'll just leave it like that for now. Tomorrow I'kk

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A submission for Daily Art

photo reference used

Merged the color palette of a view from Sunset Cliffs in San Diego with this reference model from Thomas Veyrat:

The result was a little strange but whatever

I really love this anime. Like, watched it yesterday and today again with my sister (eng and jap.).

Gosh, I cried the second time watching. It's so beautiful (spoiler?) to see the "hero" not coming in time. It has a certain beauty to it, when an artist does that.


A submission for Daily Art

My daily pixel art is dedicate to Nintendo Switch. Because people is overhyped for the 11th Jan Direct and I have no expetations at all. (wrong)