Submissions from 2021-12-13 to 2021-12-20 (10 total)

A relatively short song this week, I streamed and ended up doing more talking and less composing, but I was able together. It's probably more of an intro than a complete song, but it's still like a minute and a half long or so.

Sort of a boring chord progression, but I think the production turned out nice on this one.

So here's that period of the year where we kinda have some more free we? :)) This piece is about time and is longer than the recent ones, even if it keeps the same ingredients: Korg Wavestate for most of the parts of the track (this time having several programmes and using a looper to add layers) and an electric guitar.

We're getting close, people!

Something more contemplative (?) for the end of year mood. I should probably go back and make this track even more shorter and minimalistic though!

High quality on Soundcloud:

Kind of a followup to last week's piece. After several experimentation sessions on the Lyra-8 over the last two days, I recorded this one live take using what I had found. No guitar or drums samples this time, just the Lyra and Valhalla Supermassive reverb.

High quality on Soundcloud:

Speedtrash of the week! I had the bass riff, loosely inspired by a new track from one of my favorite punk bands. But i had only that on Sunday night, so just added random horror samples, a disco beat and some silly synth lines. Leave in the oven 20 minutes, serve hot. Disco Terror.

Rocky Horror Show

Seems like picking up an acoustic guitar always opens up inspiration, I kinda feel it's always the same tuning, the same picking patterns or progressions that come up, often a bit rushed and improvised, bit still, I really enjoyed playing this one. I had fun experimenting with various reverbs and delays post-recording (Harrison GVerb+, Dragonfly Reverb, Calf delays, Shiroverb...). The title comes from the fog that's been here sometimes for the whole day lately and gives a strange color to the days and perception of time.

did some interesting stuff in this one, used a crossfade between two EQ profiles controlled by an oscillator controlling the pulsewidth of the synth for the bassline, the strings use a hyperosc, which I thought would be boring because it can't really be modulated, but I decided to have multiple instances of hyperosc with different settings and crossfade modulating the crossfade with another hyperosc lol. Proud of the mood I set in this one

Still mining that guitar-only thing with the recent resonator network, though this time I was using the PureSalem Mendiola. Through the resonator, it sounded a lot more like a banjo and less like a rubab, so I leaned into it. This one's very banjo-friendly front-porch picking music. I'm kind of digging the vibe here.

Rhythm guitar got a bit of low-end rolloff with EQ-8, and the mix got the Wide & Warm audio effect rack.

The title comes from two towns in VA and WV near RT 102, which kind of echoed the country-ish flavor here.

quick little sketch