Submissions from 2021-10-11 to 2021-10-18 (9 total)

I created a track this week in two hours for 2HTS.

But the mic clipped while recording and I don't have time to rerecord this week :(

The others await

They seek the pieces of you

Take that side of you


Each reflection

Each shard

Holds the secret

The power between worlds

Bit by bit

My is mind pulled apart

The sequences fade

From my shattered dream

Piece by piece

What I used to know grows dim

Crystalline memories

Tarnished and lost

One by one

Reaching within

Trying to keep unity

Hope drifts afar

Piece by piece

A neuron at a time

The last feelings in myself

My existence goes away


Each reflection, each shard

Losing myself now


Each part, each bit

Losing myself now

Lost in a crystalline dream

Another bass / drums / Lyra-8 combo (with a little help from the Microcosm pedal) for this extremely busy week.

High quality on Soundcloud:

This week I did a major rework-remix of an old track that I submitted here in 2019 when doing the weekly challenge.

I still did a jam session stream this week that you can find here:

This week I began experimenting with live internet radio. We all know how this is in shady territory due to copyright so my intention is not to simply sample things but use it as fx by more drastic manipulations such as gate sequencers, reversals and hopefully spectral processing. But long time until then, for this week I have quite a light hearted guitar, bass, synth and drums track, with the radio almost at the threshold of appearing. It's just a start and I'll continue experimenting.

I was watching the documentary about Billy Milligan, a criminal who allegedly had up to 24 personalities coming with his dissociative identity disorder. The documentary in itself is interesting but the soundtrack has really some great atmosphere and the banjo use in building a spooky vibe was really cool.

I then started on Saturday, took my guitar with a resonator from the wall. I have not heard enough banjo music to be able to catch the vibe of that kind of music but a couple of riffs appeared and i recorded them on my phone. Plugged that into FL studio, and started adding layers of drums, strings, static elements. Reused the Vintage Vocals sample pack from Splice (including samples of the Night of the Living Dead, which is now open source). And then added a couple of elements using the site to generate spoken voices by famous people (

This kinda reminded me of David Lynch's Lost Highway, a great dark movie from the mid 90s. It has an awesome soundtrack (Barry Adamson! Angelo Badalamenti! Trent Reznor! David Bowie!) and has sections of free jazz with atonal saxophone. I went for more samples from splice, rearranged them and put layers here and there.

Here you go. I like the general moodiness of the track and the fact that the creation was really easy to go - it just flew with free association.

Back to acoustic guitar this week. This time I borrowed this open tuning from Chris Whitley, it goes CGCGCD. The fun thing with a new open tuning is that you are in unknown territory and you discover what chord shapes and notes come under your fingers and try to make something with that. I had a blast when I realized I could get this 12-strings-like sound with it. It's difficult to not sound cliché playing a blues form, but I tried to give it a prepared but still improvised vibe. Background recording consists of special guests: the three roosters in the neighborhood, birds and a barking dog, that makes the soundscape over here in the morning.

Another entry in the trying-to-work-fast one-guitar series. This time it's the Danelectro baritone, through the Balls effects KWB. This one's three tracks--one was a straight-through five-minute improvisation I ended up cutting down some, and the other two are responses to it.

No inline effects, but there are two different convolution reverb impulsess: one with the "dirty spring" preset, and one with the "large wooden room" preset.

The title is from M93 containing seven Delta Scuti variable stars.