Submissions from 2015-02-16 to 2015-02-23 (3 total)

The Lincolnshire Poacher served as the inspiration for the one.

I took 19 numbers from the above broadcast, as entered them sequentially into my microwave, taking a photo at each one. Once I put them all together, I learned that four numbers isn't enough context to give the impression of motion, so that aspect of it didn't work out too well. This was a nice experiment with photo based gifs. I think I'm going to go back to programmatic ones after this. Too much tweaking by hand, too variable of a result.

I wanted to try graphics programming in Go so I started relearning opengl by building a library for creating looping animations (for weekly loop streak). This one is pretty basic because I had to write a lot of boilerplate.

The library lets me draw some shapes, and gives me a simple way to record the frames of the loop for packaging into a gif. Here's the source for this loop:

I'll be uploading the code for all my weekly loops in this repository: