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isometric cube rotations.

rotating about z

rotating about x

rotating about y

This one ended up being a video since the dimensions and size were really awkward and unwieldy for a gif. I might shrink down the images by about a third or so and try making that into a gif, but video is the ideal format for it right now.


Made using Clojure and quil.

Still getting acquainted with quil, but this came out much better than previous attempts. I worry that the jerking when the square comes down ruins some of the smoothness that's expected from a loop like this, but it gives the square so much more weight. I think that trade-off is worth it.

The Lincolnshire Poacher served as the inspiration for the one.

I took 19 numbers from the above broadcast, as entered them sequentially into my microwave, taking a photo at each one. Once I put them all together, I learned that four numbers isn't enough context to give the impression of motion, so that aspect of it didn't work out too well. This was a nice experiment with photo based gifs. I think I'm going to go back to programmatic ones after this. Too much tweaking by hand, too variable of a result.

I only managed to get about 6 hours to work on this submission, and a fair amount of it was getting accustomed to my tools. I realized that my first idea was going to take more time than I had, so I abandoned it and started something very simple.

At the very least I'm more comfortable with the process now, and I can pick up my leftover scraps for next week.

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