Submissions from 2015-08-05 to 2015-08-06 (4 total)

A submission for Make games. 193

Fixed a bug that was causing npcs to sometimes get stuck. It was a premature path optimization I added, where every frame, when heading to the next target tile, the npc would choose the nearest edge of that tile to aim for rather than the center. I'm not sure why, but some of these chosen points were outside an earlier check for determining if he had reached said tile yet or not. So the walking code would say "oh I'm at that optimization point you wanted me to go, do nothing"; while the path planner would go "nope, I'm not at the next point yet, keep trying".

I can't remember why I added that optimization so I just took it out.

Game flow

A submission for Make games. 193

Added a couple of UI elements and fixed some more bugs in my engine. UI isn't very exciting, but having a gameloop is important for my motivation. Don't hate.

The main tiles still need to be redone. I'll get there eventually.

Trying to get back to basics with my games mechanics and see what I can do with simple game interactions. Atmosphere became a big thing and also trying to make things more visually interesting became a huge issue. Heres some results from today.