Submissions from 2015-06-17 to 2015-06-18 (3 total)

A submission for Make games. 144

I got a new job today! That counts for my streak, right?

I did fix the way the thrusters look. I used to disable the gameobjects, but now i disable the emission, so it looks a lot more natural.

I'm also still working on homing projectiles and i officially suck at all the math things.

Decided to change the character design up a bit. I like the idea of giving the main character a hoodie. I still need to add more shadows/contours.

A submission for Make games. 144

Finally 4 in a row!

Today I began working on the item-throwing. It looks OK but there's a bug where, sometimes, if you press the throw button while the item you're throwing is still in the air, it goes back to you. I think I know what's the problem though- it appears it only happens when the item you've thrown lands next to another character. The way it works right now is that whenever you press a button, it checks to see if there's an item next to the player character and since both players are the same player object...

Honestly, this project is beggining to scare me a bit. It's my first time doing a top-down game and I'm not the best C2 programmer.