Submissions from 2015-05-14 to 2015-05-15 (5 total)

Yet again, not much done today. I mostly restructured and reorganized code, so everything's a bit cleaner now. At this point I have about three different tasks in various states of completion, though luckily, none of them conflict or depend on each other too much. I'm hoping over the next three days to iron out steering behaviors, fix enemy targeting (which broke while fixing the behaviors), and finally make some progress on generating the city these mechs are supposed to wandering through.


A submission for Make games. 110

I may have gotten distracted a little bit. I potentially started making an in-editor level editor/tilemapper. Maybe.

A submission for Make games. 110

I burned myself out yesterday on mybacklog... I was having trouble sleeping thinking of all the data translations I have yet to make. Each one of these transitions is a little bit stressful for me, because I am eating my own dogfood here and upgrading my own library of games which I have been tweaking and adding to for a little more than a year. There is enough data here that it is hard to reliably know if I have inadvertantly lost or corrupted some part of the data.

So today I am not going to do very much development. I've so far only done one minor change to erik, and probably will not do any more. I've tweaked the positioning algorithm for conversations to the make the npcs looks a little more natural. It's been a while since gif, so GIF TIME. Dynamic conversation for the win.

Also I realized I'm just reinventing scripted events from half-life. Oh well.

I managed to spend some time (about 1h) to continue documenting myself on the gameboy internals. The hardware and assembly language seem quite simple at first glance.

I’ve also taken a quick look at the disassembled and commented source of pokémon red, which is available on github. It’s quite amazing what they did there… Pokémon crystal’s source is also available and is even more incredible. There is some kind of high level scripting language, embedded in the assembly code, whow!