Submissions from 2015-04-22 to 2015-04-23 (4 total)

Yeah, internet still acting up. So no uploads again. I have been looking back at some of my favorite games for inspiration to get my creative juices flowing (or something).

I missed the meetup I was going to attend tonight to show my new game, so instead I'll just show it here.

I think the mechanics are pretty self-explanatory ;)

A submission for Make games. 88

Starting to think about better practices, as a way to ease back into enemy stuff, so instead of just using components I'm gonna use base classes, components, and interfaces instead of direct connections so the components can be modular and hot-swapped for reusability. IE. theoretically (likely won't get it this good but) the player should be able to be AI controlled, simply by plopping in an AI controlled input component, instead of one that relies on user input.