Submissions from 2015-03-20 to 2015-03-21 (4 total)

I coded some of the gameplay flow today. Simple gamestate changes that determine how the game plays. I also mostly coded an event system that will let me easily queue up a bunch of visual effects that will automatically play and then pass along control to the next state when they are finished.

Mostly behind the scenes stuff. I should have something visual the next update.

A submission for Make games. 55

Made one of these today. Also made an installer for windows.

Not much

A submission for Make games. 55

More code refactoring from last post.

Still a work in progress, but looking to finish it today with a couple simple variations for different heights and widths. Also considering making foxholes or mounds, but not sure. I'll be making the stone thicker on this one.

EDIT: This thing is so hideous, I'm getting rid of it entirely and replacing it with something else.