Submissions from 2015-02-09 to 2015-02-10 (8 total)

  • Today's update will be in lists only
    • lists are cool
    • everyone likes them
    • monday
  • I decided to do some world building
    • set the stage for the planet
    • it dictates technology levels and people's philosophies pretty well
    • it plays into the story well also!
  • I also started framing the scope of the story
  • I'm using the wiki function of bitbucket, which is where my code is as well. It was a bit annoying figuring out how to set up the interlinks, but once I got it working it's fine
  • Created a campfire that can be refueled by adding logs to it
  • Realized I had interaction with objects in like 3 or 4 places in the code:
    • I started to put them all in the same place, but did not finish
  • I thought about working on the ai to get an npc refueling the fire
    • Looking at the json for the npc script, I need to make an editor for the behavior trees.
    • It's just too scary looking

A submission for Make games. 16

Today I tweaked stuff, now I'm gonna be gone for a couple days, /endstreak.

Today was spent fixing multiple nasty bugs. One of them was that at one point of the game population suddenly went from 10 to 2 billion. I also dealt with some performance issues. One of the solutions was slowing the game quite a lot.

Next I'm planning to program AI to decide when to increase the population and how important it should be. :)

Yesterday's update can be found here.
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A submission for Make games. 16

Now the player gets an idea of where a slime will land once it's up in the air via a little flash on the ground.

Also, the slime makes the screen shake a bit when it lands. (The gif doesn't capture this too well; it happens consistantly in the game.

I've tried some optimizitaion today and I got additional 10 fps on a very resource intensive level. I'll be trying different things in the near future. Cya

Today was my first of a full week devoted to game dev. I worked on adding units, keyboard controlled pointer and selecting.

It went pretty well but I've got some difficult bits to solve tomorrow.

Placeholder art as always.


A submission for Make games. 16

ive realised that a physics platformer can be very, very boring. i wont be working on it anymore, sorry.