Started 3 years ago (2016-03-06T02:00:00Z).
Ended 3 years ago (2016-05-29T02:00:00Z).

Reviving @alts "Weekly Loop" Streak

Perfectly looping gifs are my thing. Let's make more of them.

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not very impressive.... also something didn't quite work out with the colors this time

as always, on github

I'll most likely make this one a lot pretty at some point.

more shapes. cut-short triangle flipping around a hexagon.

Source on github: flipping.moon

damn it, late to submit again. Will try to do another one in time this week...

for the interested: code on github

Missed last week :/
Well I made two "holosphere" ones so I guess... still going? :D

not exactly sure what this is.

man, inspiration is hard to come by. Rewrote schedulör from scratch, have yet to port the old loops over to the new engines (and fix their looping!), so no source until then. It's messy anyway.

weird jumpy pseudo-3d sphere thing.

not happy with it due to absence of ideas... either going to improve it until the end of the week or make a new one.

Source on github

theres a transparent version but it has black seams so here is in black:

EDIT: added a new version I did with a lot of the same code. Now Im neutral :P I do realize my loops are way too long, need to use less different prime factors for the loops....
Also found an intrinsic error in how I detect looping atm... dirty fix for now, will be smarter when I rewrite schedulör for a public release.

I built a small Scheduling/Looping engine in LÖVE and a Wrapper that loops until all "partial loops" are done and auto-screencaps everything. I present: my first looping gif!

The code is now in a github repo: