I obviously won't make it in time (it's 11pm at my place), so here's a WIP

school art is killing me i don't think im going to have much time to make personal drawings ;_;

Will water ever stop being a mistery?

I really need to walk around the beach until winter strikes

i did this for stress relief. Based off the view out my window.

spent a bit more time on this since i didn't draw another new environment today :P

it's raining really hard so i'm drawing part of the view out my window

i need to study trees. and grass. and anything green.

tried coming back to some cloud studies

"it will be fun" they said.


*Legends say that those who climb the mountain never return.

is it too late to join this streak? lol. well...did some practice anyway...

I'm pretty happy with the colours, and considering this is my first attempt at a "proper" background, i'd say this is alright.

I've got a long way to go.

based off a short story by my friend!

this is all i have this week OTL. better than nothing tho haha