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Which one looks better??? I mean they're both sketches, so they're really messy but still. I'm trying to draw a tired/defeated character who's smiling in relief as they greet their friend. I think they look the most defeated in the first one, whereas the second one is better drawn (bc i spend more time on it lol) AKA: first one has the better emotion i'm going for, but the second one looks better.

What do you think?

I've just posted the first few updates of SEIDO AIRFORCE! for those who are interested.

experimenting to figure out how i wanted to draw this character. This was the second page of just drawing his face :P

this is all i have this week OTL. better than nothing tho haha

working on the comic again. hmm. not that happy with it, but i'll get better with time.

more work on that webcomic i was talking about. This is a long way from being finished xD

I'm thinking of starting a comic/quest, which is basically just an interactive webcomic. Go read nanquest or rubyquest if you're not sure what they are. (Nanquest is a lot better imo but rubyquest was the original one that started it all, so both are good in their own rights.)