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A submission for Daily Art Club

from now on i can only upload from my phone camera so the quality will be pretty awful :P

A submission for Daily Art Club

Studies of my brothers dog

A submission for Daily Art Club

back to anatomy studies since i was struggling with a torso earlier

A submission for Daily Art Club

studies/copies from an artist i admire. never fully appreciated his poses and anatomy until now

"Look around, look around, at how lucky we are to be alive right now."

If you google schuyler sisters, they have really nice gestural poses which i tried to draw. and drawing dresses help since i still suck at drawing fabric from imagination.

A submission for Daily Art Club

i still find it really hard to draw someone looking up

i want my style to have more interesting shapes and body types so i tried doing some basic silhouettes. i don't really know what i'm doing... but then again, when did i ever xD

A submission for Daily Art Club

lots of these are me trying to learn from one of my favourite artists by doing a copy of their drawings. (it's they're style is so good i love it ;_;

A submission for Daily Art Club

almost forgot to upload today

anyways just some heads at different angles since i struggle with that.

i figured i should finally get my ass doing some torso and arm studies since i suck at drawing muscles

messing around with basic shapes i guess? the anatomy is pretty off tho haha. i was watching a video where they said that if you're in an artist block that you should change the way you start off a picture. so instead of sketching, i blocked out the silhouettes. I really like how this came out even without having details actually.

It was drawn on my little sketchbook but i liked them so much i cut them out and pasted them in my larger one.

practicing draw people from life by using an old photograph of my mum

I really don't like sao but sinon's design is rad.

tbh this was mainly out of procrastination

only had the chance to do one person since someone sat down next to me and i was too shy to draw...

tried coming back to some cloud studies

i need to study trees. and grass. and anything green.

the ride was really bumpy. i gave up drawing after i drew 4 people xD

i think my art block might be lifting!! FINALLY

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