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@Pixel_Dailies is a daily pixel art challenge.

They tweet out a new theme everyday, and the challenge is you must make some pixel art based around the given theme. You can then share it using the hashtags, get feedback, see other awesome work, and get inspired!

I'm going to attempt to do it everyday, and if you like pixel art, want to get better, or have nothing better to do with your life (don't worry, we've all been there) THEN YOU SHOULD JOIN ME!


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Made an imp. I made it based on Pixel Dailies's today theme.

At the start, I felt I couldn't draw it especially for the pose. However, after I tried to form the shape using cluster first (which I did in the previous drawing of cave and crystals), it made me easier what to draw especially the pose.

Made a grayscale bush tentacles monster for 19 minutes. I made it based on the Pixel Dailies's theme today.

First I made the bush, then I made the tentacles. After that, I added eyes to make it more monster.

I was trying something new with the perspective! I'm excited to be in the streak club!

Experimenting with texture this time for 60 minutes. The test object is the moon, with little modification. I still only use 4 colors to make this moon.

At first, I couldn't feel the texture. After I added some dithering near the bigger part of the cluster, I can feel the texture on the moon. After that I keep adding more dithering. Finally I can understand more on how to texturing.

Experimenting on poses this time. I am still not good enough at posing so I tried with smaller sprite to pose it easier. It took 200 minutes to do this experiment included thinking what pose I should draw.

When posing using 4 colors, I still found some problems. It was when same color touched each other from different part of body. Perhaps I will research more on this in the future, especially in this experiment I was only focus on pose.

Several days ago, I experimented 2 colors to experiment on clustering pixel. This time I will try with 4 colors. This will add more detail into the art. I did this experiment in 200 minutes. Also, I was using GraphicsGale while the previous one I used GIMP.

For the start, I had a trouble on how to pick up the palette for the 4 colors. After looking at many references, I managed to pick my own colors. After that, I modified the art from the 2 colors.

It has been long time that I was hiatus on doing pixel art especially busy with college. Last time I developed a game, I made pixel art assets and somehow I didn't feel satisfied especially when making the cluster. I decided to experiment with only two colors just so I can focus on outline and cluster.

Today, Pixel Dailies set up a doc over on Google, and invited everyone over to free draw. It's pretty cool to watch others pixel art while you do as well. There should be some program that allows this. A live drawing app with other people. I might get around to making that some day... who knows ;)

Here's the doc:

Never played it, but it was fun making it non-the-less. :)

This time, it was a study of Mike Mitchell's Marvel portraits

It was tough trying to make one full size, like the portraits, so instead I went pretty minimal.

This one was a tough one, but fun non the less. It's sometimes fun to restrict yourself!

Didn't have a lot of time, but it was certainly interesting learning about Ned Kelly.

I wanted to create something tiny, and I had fun with the colors!