This time, it was a study of Mike Mitchell's Marvel portraits

It was tough trying to make one full size, like the portraits, so instead I went pretty minimal.

More submissions by IAmSpencer for Pixel Dailies!

Today, Pixel Dailies set up a doc over on Google, and invited everyone over to free draw. It's pretty cool to watch others pixel art while you do as well. There should be some program that allows this. A live drawing app with other people. I might get around to making that some day... who knows ;)

Here's the doc:

Never played it, but it was fun making it non-the-less. :)

This one was a tough one, but fun non the less. It's sometimes fun to restrict yourself!

Didn't have a lot of time, but it was certainly interesting learning about Ned Kelly.

I wanted to create something tiny, and I had fun with the colors!

Pixel Dailies!

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