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A daily train of pixel art

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Finished a crystal ball.

However, I am still bad on handling sphere stuff..

Made a crystal ball. Still in progress.

Revised my pixel piece I made in June. It was a sword. I felt not satisfied with the result so I revised it.

Also, I included the older piece I made in the left.

Finally finished making the barrel.

Also, I posted the progress for how much it has changed.


I have uploaded the revised version as the 4th picture. Thanks Bobbo for the feedback! :).

Busy playing a game for taking a break so I made a slow progress of barrel.

Made a barrel. Still in progress.

Made a chest. At the start, I wanted to make a green chest. However, at the end I ended up making a rusted chest.

I also included the wip and the finished for comparison.

Made a green chest, but still in progress.

Making a fanart of NPC Girls from Terraria.

Still in progress.

Made the same tomato from yesterday but blue. Yeah, I lack of idea today.

Just wanted to test if I use different color.

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