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Its done ! My first game jam game :) so proud of this its insane ! Such a confidence boost for my main project was so much fun, Please rate and leave a comment ! Thanks so much 1

Created the landing page for the game, really loving the look

Check out the game here

The final build missed the deadline by 3 hours. Full version on my page

I really cut it close here. I went up until two in the morning on Sunday to get this done. But, luckily, it's here! Go play the game if you are interested.

This is my first GameJam and my first game. Let me know how I did.

Flappy Fish is alive you can play it through the link below

I had a lot of fun in this game jam and although I wasn't able to scale my game to be as big as I wanted it to be I'm happy that I have something to submit and show. I'll be pushing updates post-game jam as I like the concept and just need to fine-tune it a bit.

Hopefully, my game will make a splash 🐟

I have made the executive decision to submit my project late. I think I could get it "finished" in the time I have, but honestly there are a lot of things I want to polish up that I won't have the time to get to in two hours. So I'll probably submit it late today or tomorrow afternoon.
As for progress, I'm almost done with the main game. I have all the script written and the """"minigame"""" """"coded"""". I just need to put the rest of the script which is like half a scene in the game and playtest one final time to make sure it's all working well. I'll also need to find and add music for the game and add some bonuses to the gallery, as well as make an in-game credits page. The music should be easy, I'll just hop on DovaSyndrome and get some free-to-use music. Credits page will just be putting all my credits onto a png and making it the background of a scene, easy enough. I also want to finish up my original CG and add it to the end of the game and gallery. It might look funky cause I'm drawing it fast but oh well LMAO

My submission is now on itch, now playable here:

I haven't been able to work on this project last weekend cause I forgot it was my birthday. I usually get depressed for few days every year around this time. I also lost my phone, which made me feel even worst. So I lost motivation to do anything at all and just hid under my rock and wallow for days.

But then I remembered Fish Fest ending today!

So I forced myself to finalize something just to be able to submit. I dropped a lot of things on my todo list. Removed my plan for interactive tutorial level and just went with this wall of text that barely teaches how to play. Completely removed the unfinished fishpedia where I planned to put description for the fishes and some trivia as some kind of bestiary. Also removed game settings options cause I haven't started it yet. But I managed to add the arrow icons as optional mechanics and just unimaginatively made it a toggle button. Then just upload it to itch. I haven't had time to play test it anymore either so there might be tons of bugs there, but I'm just so exhausted right now to even care for debugging it.

Well the game is about as finished as it will ever be, and I just submitted it. It's nowhere near the quality of some other games submitted, but at least I have the excuse that I started 5 days late lmao. Since yesterday I've completely reworked the fish spawning, so there are now multiple types of fish. I've also added more phases to the boss fight, as well as sound effects. All things considered, it could have gone much worse!

link to the game:

It's finished and submitted, 4 hours before the deadline.

Play it here:

It's now 5 AM.

  • Added squid, with new shader
  • Extended levels and playtested
  • Fiddled with everything
  • Added animated end scene, credits, and dedication
  • Added level warp for debugging
  • Added difficulty settings
  • Added main menu
  • Added dummy sprites to main menu to avoid shader compilation lag when new enemies appear
  • Lots of work with the Godot animation editor, for example the "hood" of the squid moves in and out

Of everything I did today, the single hardest thing was making the parrotfish face right. It is unreasonably difficult in Godot to horizontally flip a Node2D and children. The fish sprite has flip_h which works, but doesn't flip the collision object. In the editor you can set scale.x = -1, but this doesn't work in game due to how transforms are done under the hood. Best references I found was, and nothing worked as a single easy solution. Ended up creating a flip function that applied the specific changes to the sprite and collision to have everything still line up.

Attached is a video of the squids. After hitting you they reverse course to escape. The hoods are messed up as I was trying to use the same flipping as the parrotfish, which was madness. Ended up using global_rotation_degrees += 180 for the squids.


Woops looks like i missed my streak... anyway the game is finished and ready for you all to play!!!

Heres a little bit of unused content:
First off we have the first draft of the game I drew in ms paint(I Lost the file), that fish was used as a proto for about 3 days.
then we have fish flakes which I implemented but it made the game alot harder then it needed to so they were scrapped.

I finally finished my first game jam that I actually tried in. I got a lot better and please let me know how my game is and if there are problems.

The first one to beat the game I will cash app them a full 3 dollars so send me a screenshot if you beat it.


So I finally submitted my game.

Instead of going for full self-made mode where I make everything myself (as required by the previous jams I joined), I liked that I could use existing art. It allowed me to see what I could build code-wise in one weekend.

But Boy, creating a city builder was quite more work then anticipated. I'm glad it works in the end but dahm it much more difficult then I though. Had a whole combat and reward system in mind but had to settle for the initial rudimentary combat system.

All in all, learned a lot, had fun, was sleep deprived so it was succesfull jam!


Salomon - Boss - WebGL - Unity 2022.3.5f1_ _DX11_ 2024-04-08 16-02-05.mp4150mb

No update regarding my game today, but I tough it would be nice to end this streak with a post to summarize my (first!) Game Jam participation. It was a blast! Lot of things learned, lots of idea to further growth my game dev skills and lot of nice comments for you guys, thank you!

I worked with Pico-8 engine, which I love and recommend for anyone wanting to try game dev. It contains everything needed to make a game but, keep all the tools basics.

What went well:

  • Sprites/Art: I'm not an artist at all, drawing anything has always been difficult for me, so I expected not to be able to draw/animate anything. But I ended up drawing all the sprites for my game with a bit of animation. To be clear, they're not very good and beautiful, but I feel like it's not that bad and I'm quite happy with the result.
  • Overall game: I followed my plan and was able to make more things that I was expecting when I was planning my weeks. I was not expecting to have time to make some “animation” (like the “bubble” coming out of the character) and a final boss.

What went neutral:

  • Game concept: I like my game concept, but I think it's too linear and repetitive (5 levels with similar enemies and a final boss). If I were to start the game jam now, I would make more bosses and alternate between "standard level" and "boss level". I think it would be more dynamic.
  • Messy code: My code is quite messy, I need to acquire good habits regarding code structure, names, …

What went meeeh:

  • Collision with wall: My collision system is not very nice and more “brute forced” than properly done. I need to work on that to make it nice.
  • Pathfinding: As above, not working very well. I need to work on it.

My next steps as a apprentice game developer

  • Make a prototype for collision and pathfinding that is working well.
  • Learn about classes / meta-tables in Lua.
  • Start working my next project! (I already have idea’s)
  • Participate to other Jam’s!

Thanks to all the people who liked/commented my post. It's very encouraging and pushes me to continue learning about game development, game design and game creation. I look forward to seeing all the submissions and playing all your games!

And finally, I’m posting my link again:

Thank y’all for following my silly lil journey on creating a fish game on just a week. I hope you like what I cooked up. Also it’s name is A fishy disaster.

The FishFest is coming to a close and I have to get to school, so I'll see you next time, good luck everyone.

Game is as done as it is going to be.

So many more things I wanted to do, but no time

Let me know if you run across any problems.

Can't add a new submission so I edit this one

Game is online! I am done!

Took longer than expected but now the fish is moving and eating the fruits


I have not posted at all, So the least I can do is give a summary :)

Over the past week, I've done some great things in terms of a week - Things I didn't think I was able to do. I fully modelled a 3D environment and added tons of cool mechanics and death animations too? Very very proud. I'm finishing everything up now and working on tutorials to teach the player - But wow... One week to make this? I'm very proud.

Maybe I'll post when I submit the game...



  • Added graphics for items
  • Improved shop UI
  • Fixed some bugs
  • Released on Itch

At last, boids blitz is finally finished.
Consider checking it out on .

The Game Is Done And Ready To Be Posted!!!

A submission for Daily Fishposting 8

Yesterday was another good day with lots of progress! I changed my theme slightly (different word bank) so the game is now officially called "Fishing For Compliments" :D

Today I'm going to try to get done before submission ends:

  • fix bug where fish sometimes swims backwards if you spell a word incorrectly
  • add menus
  • add some sound effects

If I have time:

  • add an end state (currently you can only fish infinitely)
  • add lower/raise line mechanic, and only hook fish on the red part

Decided I might as well post on the last day of development!

Its been a process but we've managed to put together a sort of 2.5D game, inspired by feeding frenzy (2006) where you navigate open waters as a fish. Your objective is to eat other fish to grow in size and evolve, but the fish around you can eat other fish and grow too so be careful O_O

The development itself was pretty smooth sailing for the most part, I had the most difficulty implementing some way for the fish to fight back against the player. I ended up going with a simple ranged attack - spitting a bubble.

A part of me wants to continue developing this project, taking further inspiration from Maneater, however I'm gonna need a lot more polish to get close to that level of quality 😂

Things in the game now:
• Eatable fish
• Evolutions via size
• Dashing
• Ecosystem (fish eat each other)
• Ranged enemy combat

Things I'd want to implement:
• Player x Fish combat (Biting + Lunging/Ramming)
• Evolutions for all fish
• More animations
• Player upgrades
• Depth based enemy spawning
• A complete world

Hey! I finally finished my game! Its been a long week of game jamming, and I'm pretty happy with the results. Here's the games webpage:

I'm going to sleep now.

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