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2 cool things:

1, I remade my website! you can see it over at and I'm pretty proud of it since i did all the html, css, and js on my own :)

Rocket Bytes+ is also coming to Catalog insanely soon which is awesome and I can't wait for it to finally be on Catalog

I restarted and actually started working a bit more on my game Sporestory, I wrote a little thing on why I restarted it here but basically it was super unstable so I thought it would be way better to just start over. I have a proper plan now which I didn't really have before so I think this will go way better now! I also hosted the 5th PlayJam but I didn't end up making anything this time due to lack of time

Hey! I finished my game for FishFest a bit ago and voting concluded today. Overall my game FishBall got 29th place out of over 400 entries which is awesome! I'm super proud of the game and wrote a bit about it here . Super amazed by the amount of people who participated and I need to go to sleep now from hosting it.

Next up I'm working on a video on my second person game, then one on FishFest. Also been working on my game Sporestory and will maybe participate in PlayJam 5 which I'm hosting as well but I may not have the time to make a game again.

I finished and published my game yesterday, but I thought I'd write something here I think that's how a postmortem works, idk, look at it if you'd like :)

I finished my fish game! Huge amount of work again today, I:

  • made a song for the game
  • found and made sound effects
  • created a basic "AI" algorithm for the opponent fish
  • created a win sequence
    (see video below)

I'm super proud of how this came out, might even say it's one of the best looking games I've made

It's out at


I think I got a pretty good amount of work done today!
I made a title screen and info screen for the game, and found the Sokpop font (Mini Waku Waku) which looks super good in my game
I also added score counters, a transition, and made somewhat of a gameloop, even if it's still missing stuff right now. Super proud of how this game looks and I'm really excited to try and get a fish AI working for singleplayer


Sadly didn’t have a huge amount of time to work today, mainly finished off another project (finally)

I did start working on adding nets to my fish soccer game and I’m also planning on writing some crappy algorithm / ai for the fish tomorrow

I added a sandy beach around the edges of the screen, some collisions there, a beach ball, and some shells and sand dollars on the beach

I also switched to the compatibility renderer so that I can make a web export and had to mess with the water shader a bit to get it to look alright again


I'm finally nearly done my second-person puzzle game, it's really basic and only has a few levels but I didn't intend for it to take this long and meant it to be more of a prototype anyway so that's alright. I'll create a devlog in the next week or 2 and share it.
I've also been working on my game for FishFest which I've been posting in the daily fishposting streak. My idea is a top-down soccer-ish game and I think I've got a really good style going for it (see video below) so I can't wait to see where it goes


Today I made a water shader all on my own (which I've never done before) and while it's a little wonky at times, I think it looks pretty nice. I also lowered the resolution of the game and mostly messed with visual things. Now I have no choice but to actually work on the game tomorrow


Didn't do too much today, but I did make some fish that swim when you press A & D and tried making a shader for the lighting


I didn’t have too much time to work on games, but I instead focused a lot on getting my game jam FishFest ready for the first. It’s got over 1500 participants which is amazing and I’m super excited to see the submissions, def check it out if possible

Next up, I made a tool this week for converting your Twitter archive into a website you can share. I learned a lot of JS and some ways to improve my CSS styling in the future through this which is really cool

Finally, my game Rocket Bytes+ got a special email from Panic Inc. and I’m super excited 👀

I haven't had a huge amount of time this week, I've been off and on through a few projects but I did end up working on a settings system for Super Rocket Bytes, the PC Steam whatever Rocket Bytes game coming eventually. I wanna try to finish a script and the game for my next video in the next week or so, I've also got a jam I'm hosting called FishFest starting on the first of April on itch but nothing huge this week

I decided that since I want to get my game Rocket Bytes onto the Playdate's built in store, Catalog, I would make a "plus verison" with some new levels, so that's the main thing I did this week (they don't accept free games currently)

I remade a bunch of the cover art and the album cover and I made a bunch of really difficult levels with some things that aren't in the main game

I also made a bunch of improvements and stuff to some of the code, it's still not amazing and I really noticed how dumb it is scrolling through it fixing this but it's a little better and no player has to know :)

Game is at, hopefully it will be approved for Catalog

Hey! I've been working on adding some new levels to my game Rocket Bytes for a paid release on the Playdate's store Catalog, so I've been doing some code fixing, art improvement, and mainly as of now some level designing (the nice thing with that is I made a level editor in the game so I can just use that)

I know this isn't super active, but maybe I can help bring it back? Seems neat
Daily may be a little too difficult at least for me so I might consider doing a weekly gamedev streak instead tho

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