A submission for sitember 3

was too tired, started falling asleep 2 mins in


A submission for sitember 6

i thought i had therapy today but didn't. in the parking lot i took five minutes and sat. heard a lot of traffic. think it helped with anxiety hopefully

A submission for sitember 16

Set a timer for 5m.
Started counting 0 and 1, ended up doing arm exercises.

12s had recommended Insight Timer, but I couldn't get it to work on my phone because I use LineageOS with no Google at all on it and it required Google Play Services to work. So instead I found this timer on F-Droid, which also has lots of nice bell sounds.

I did just five minutes because I felt tired but didn't want to "sit" in bed for once, so I counted three dozens.

yay, one half of the streak!

I did 5 minutes, and when the bell rang, i just pressed on the start button on the phone next to me again without even opening my eyes just to do five more minutes. I did a half gross, and listened to the nearby sounds for a bit, noticing how I felt about them.

A submission for sitember 15

Set a timer for 5m.
Initially distracted by searching for a focal point.

Played an ambient track with relaxing results. 12/10 recommend!

A submission for sitember 6

Counted 15s x20.
Easier counting to 15, more background sounds.

Thoughts barely caught, like fruit falling from trees into a basket, some rotten.

It's Monday, so I'm back to feeling tired. I did a half-gross this time, but struggled to focus. At least I'm keeping the practice going I guess?

Had a vision on sweeping a porch. When a thought distracted me, I either put it in my pocket or swept it away.

A submission for sitember 13

Set a timer for 5m.
Head tried to count anyway.

Distracting background sounds and thoughts. Focusing on one helped.

seat one

A submission for sitember 1

I have been intensely tired this week, even more than usual, so I struggled to fall asleep in just the five minutes, enough that I just got up and went to bed immediately without posting here. I had a hard time focusing on anything really… It will probably get a bit better in the weekend, since I get to sleep longer, though the weather reports still say that the heat will still be there to ruin my sleep quality.

would've been longer but the dogs started barking lol

A submission for sitember 2

Counted 60 x5.
Distracted by discordant sounds.

Annoyed and grateful to hear them.

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A submission for sitember 5

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day 13

A submission for sitember 13

ten minute sit

did you know that alanis morrisette made a legit album of meditation music????

day 2

A submission for sitember 2

Sat for a gross count. Maybe 30 minutes?

Tried to notice as many things as possible.

Could hear a plane whooshing outside, air whooshing through the vents in the house, the whoosh of my own breath, and even the whoosh of my dog breathing.

Very whooshy.


day 5

A submission for sitember 5

i was reading a book, and started to fall asleep in my chair.

but instead of drifting off, I decided to focus and meditate for about five minutes.

and then i went to sleep :P

A submission for sitember 4

Counted 30s x10.
Head insisted on re-checking the math was correct.

Probably fine, if also counting the first attempt that led to dozing off.

I counted to like 5 dozens and did a body scan, in about 10 minutes. It helped me focus afterwards and start writing some blog posts, as I was quite late with those.

Last time, I was a bit annoyed by the timer I had used on my phone, which rang loudly and continously and did not give me time to slowly open my eyes and end the session. Unforeseen circumstances™ made it so I don't have that phone anymore, so I used another phone's timer and this one can be set to a short and calm ding which does not repeat, so this made this session end more nicely.

seat dozen

A submission for sitember 12

without even planning for it, i ate lunch pretty quickly and had plenty of free time before work resumed, so i took that as a hit to meditate (but still forgot to use streak.club, so late submit it is again). Counted a half gross, and I think that helped remove some of the anxious thoughts that always show up on workdays.

A submission for sitember 4

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A submission for sitember 5

Counted 30s x20.
Slipped at few times at 20-30 with the occasional shifting of limbs.

The math is definitely incorrect, the penalty for getting it wrong its own reward?

A submission for sitember 5

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A submission for sitember 16

I'm back