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Sit down and meditate every day in September for at least five minutes. If you don't have five minutes to spare, make it ten.

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A submission for sitember 29

Set a timer for 5m.
Went with a traditional meditation pose and focused on breathing.

A submission for sitember 28

Set a timer for 5m.
Focused on even breaths, hands on knees.

A submission for sitember 27

Set a timer for 5m.
Focused on the feeling of upper body stretches.

A submission for sitember 26

Set a timer for 5m.
Wrote down thoughts as they emerged.

A submission for sitember 25

Set a timer for 5m.
Let thoughts wander between the sounds of rain.

I sat for five minutes, not counting at all, just focusing on the breath. There were barely any thoughts passing by, although I did began while feeling a little guilty because I barely got anything done today.

A submission for sitember 24

Set a timer for 5m.
Played an ambient track and focused on the sound textures.

I sat for five minutes on my office chair again, but had a hard time handling the large amounts of stress from all the stuff that happened during the day. I went to bed, did a body scan to relax a bit, took a nap while hugging a blåhaj, and sat again after waking up in the late evening, during which I felt much calmer and could focus on my breath.

A submission for sitember 23

Set a timer for 5m.
Searched out sounds, with the fingertips pressed together as ground.

At the end of the day, I sat for five minutes on an office chair that I use less often, which felt a bit more comfortable on my legs that the couch due to it being higher. I tried to just focus on the breath without counting, but was distracted quite a lot, so I counted just two dozens to force myself to focus.

A submission for sitember 22

Set a timer for 5m.
Let thoughts wander, then focused on the tips of two thumbs pressed together.

I tried to meditate during the day but nearly fell asleep while doing so (and I had to go back to work!), and when I went to bed in the evening, of course I couldn't fall asleep. So I again meditated to sleep, but this time with less anxious thoughts and more focus on just relaxing.

A submission for sitember 21

Set a timer for 5m.
Focused on the sound and sensation of breaths.

I had no time and no motivation to do anything during the day, and I only realized I forgot to meditate while I was having anxious thoughts in bed, so I body scanned my way to sleep.

A submission for sitember 20

Set a timer for 5m.
Counted 1s and 2s then switched to regulated quick breaths.

day 19

A submission for sitember 19

yoga nidra sleep meditation.

that counts right?

A submission for sitember 19

Set a timer for 5m.
Started with ankle stretches and ended with neck rotations.

I was ful of distracted thoughts this morning. I tried counting using my fingers as 12s suggested on this streak's discussion board, but found that the sensation of touch on my fingers was distracting me even more from my breath.

I have been reading this book recently. I just got to the "how to actually medidate" part, and it mentions counting breaths, but only as a tool to get yourself to foucs on your breath, and to stop as soon as you have the focus. It also encourages focusing on the sensation of the breath coming in and out of your nose, unlike my own way of focusing on my chest, my lungs (that comes later when you are more accustomed to focusing on the breath). I might try to just solely rely on my timer and count less later.

I sat outside at a table in a local park that I did not know of at all, and had set up my ThinkPad to write what i Think in the note Pad, and most importantly to write what I see, do some contemplation. I remember that sitemeber is a thing, but I didn't feel comfortable keeping my eyes closed in a public spot for a few minutes, especially considering there were a few people nearby, so I kept my eyes focused on a nearby tree trunk and counted just a quarter gross, so five minutes.

Writing down what I saw was an interesting way to pay more attention to the neat details of the world and encourage me to get less anxious thoughts when outside, but for meditation specifically, I would rather keep on doing it alone, in a calm, safe place.

A submission for sitember 18

Set a timer for 5m.
Feeling while doing arm and leg stretches.

I did pretty much the same as yesterday, but less late. I was much less distracted right at the start.

A submission for sitember 17

Set a timer for 5m.
Sat back and felt the upper torso weight on both arms.

day 16

A submission for sitember 16

half gross after a heard workout

spent most of the time concentrating on my heartbeat.

I set the timer app to give me 10 seconds to get ready, ring a bell to mention the beginning of the session, ring a different bell every 5 minutes, and ring a third bell at the end of the timer, and then I can set the meditation duration I want in 5 minute increments. I can use that to get the "middle" bell that tells me I did the sitember goal and just decide to stop there or keep going. For now I just set the total duration to 10 minutes so I have just one bell 5 minutes in and the final bell at 10 minutes.

I meditated quite late, so I was a bit tired. I first did a few things that involved walking around the flat to wake myself up a bit, then I got started. I did a quarter gross, in which I was quite distracted. I heard the 5min bell, decided to keep going, did a body scan which forced me to move my attention around my body and busy myself enough to quiet my thoughts, and counted another quarter gross which went much better. I finished that quarter gross about 30 seconds after the final bell.

A submission for sitember 16

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