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A submission for sitember 2

60 total combined minutes of mindfulness in the steam room, sauna, therapy pool, and on yoga mat.

A submission for sitember 1

happy sitember!
today i sat down for twenty minutes. mostly concentrated on my breath.
good sit!

day 19

A submission for sitember -346

yoga nidra sleep meditation.

that counts right?

day 16

A submission for sitember -349

half gross after a heard workout

spent most of the time concentrating on my heartbeat.

day 13

A submission for sitember -352

ten minute sit

did you know that alanis morrisette made a legit album of meditation music????

day 12

A submission for sitember -353

missed a couple days!
back at it with a short 10 minute half gross.

day 6

A submission for sitember -359

late submission. sat a demigross.

not much to report.

day 5

A submission for sitember -360

i was reading a book, and started to fall asleep in my chair.

but instead of drifting off, I decided to focus and meditate for about five minutes.

and then i went to sleep :P

Went for a run, sat for a gross breaths.

Caught myself noticing and labeling a lot during my run this morning. "Narrating Remembering. Planning." etc.

Felt very meditative.

Sit felt kind of undisciplined.

Became very curious about the idea of "Revision" and why one might feel compelled to think about how things might have gone differently. I don't think you would ever think about doing things differently unless you are dissatisfied in some way with the way things are.

But also that the causation might be reversed. Maybe sometimes it is the mental act of revision that causes dissatisfaction.

day 3

A submission for sitember -362

five minutes after working out

day 2

A submission for sitember -363

Sat for a gross count. Maybe 30 minutes?

Tried to notice as many things as possible.

Could hear a plane whooshing outside, air whooshing through the vents in the house, the whoosh of my own breath, and even the whoosh of my dog breathing.

Very whooshy.


got my cushion out, set a timer for 20 minutes, and sat down.

felt some discomfort in my back at first, fidgeted around until it went away.

counted 12s and got halfway to a gross. might just count a gross next time instead of setting a timer.

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