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Publish a written piece each week, no requirements. Hopefully something you are proud of, but practice is better than nothing!

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100 Wörter über Waldeinsamkeit

Waldeinsamkeit. Eins mit der Natur, allein mit sich selbst, doch ein Teil des Ganzen.

Der Wald umfängt mich, er streichelt meine Ohren und mein Herz. Gibt es etwas Wundervolleres? Ich gehe durch die Wildnis, das Laub raschelt unter meinen Füßen und die Äste knacken. Ein Reh springt erschreckt aus dem dichten Unterholz und ich stehe wie erstarrt. Plötzlich zerreißt ein Schrei die Stille. Ich bin nicht länger allein.

Neugierig über die Quelle tragen mich meine Füße hinfort. Ein kleines Mädchen ist von einem Baum gefallen. Ich helfe ihr auf und möchte sie trösten. Doch sie lächelt zwischen ihren Tränen. "Das Abenteuer war es wert."

Back to speaking on the text editor. At this point, you guys must hate me now...

Blogging it out writing about what I got after finishing the freelance job, and doing retrospection with the team.

A submission for Write Weekly 7

I wrote more stuff for my Journalism class. Probably of no interest to anyone here.

Well, I got to finish this week quite quickly. I was so in rage the other day, I ended up writing this up to clear my head. Was not planning to publish it, but I felt I needed to speak out regardless.

A submission for Write Weekly 5

I wrote something just now, but it's too personal, so it certainly isn't going to end up on the internet. That thing I wrote last week should end up on the internet if I ever have the discipline to sit down, type it and work on it some how.

It feels so good to be writing while the sun is still out, basking the pigeons waddling around the sparking sidewalks of San Francisco.

I'm almost a week into stay-cation, attempting to reflect and recharge. I hesitate to say 'relax', because I feel that implies I'm not doing anything. Rather, I like to think I am focusing my energy into creative and physical activities, giving the left half of my brain a break.

Here's how I've spent my days so far:

Day 1 @ Mt. Davidson

  1. Photographed & walked for hours w/ Mike & Leaf
  2. Recovered with a butt-ton of pizza


Almost didn't make it. Where did my other two posts to catch up go. -_-

I wrote a piece about Winter in my notebook. I'll have to type it up tomorrow.

EDIT: Remember how I said I'd type this today? I didn't. Deal with it.

My first submission here on

Thanks to keep me hitting the deadline and maintain my habit.


My first submission to Write Weekly. Since I have some catching up to do, I'm going to try and do 3 by the end of this week.

Anyway here is the writeup on Medium:

Here we are. A piece I wrote in an attempt to explain my behavior to people, I guess? To explain my life, to a degree. It might have really needed a wider scope for that, but I took a more specific angle on the problems I've been trying to overcome. A piece I can give to people who ask what I want to do with my life so I don't have to explain may have to wait. Forever. =p

EDIT: I have worked on this further since the original posting.

Last week I gave a grandiose performance about how I am overcoming the obstacles of perfection. I could literally dedicate an entire blog to this topic. I've gotten better over the past year, but it's still a struggle. I have high expectations & expect others to see me as my imaginary self.

Some areas I'm actively working on:


Photo via The Awkward Yeti

1) Small talk — Pointless chit chat used to receive a blank stare from me. But I realize with a quick comment about the weird weather we had last weekend, I can put people at ease & quickly funnel to something more interesting.

I have many strangers to thank for helping me over the last few months. While playing poker is when I get the most practice in. Read more...

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