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It feels so good to be writing while the sun is still out, basking the pigeons waddling around the sparking sidewalks of San Francisco.

I'm almost a week into stay-cation, attempting to reflect and recharge. I hesitate to say 'relax', because I feel that implies I'm not doing anything. Rather, I like to think I am focusing my energy into creative and physical activities, giving the left half of my brain a break.

Here's how I've spent my days so far:

Day 1 @ Mt. Davidson

  1. Photographed & walked for hours w/ Mike & Leaf
  2. Recovered with a butt-ton of pizza


Last week I gave a grandiose performance about how I am overcoming the obstacles of perfection. I could literally dedicate an entire blog to this topic. I've gotten better over the past year, but it's still a struggle. I have high expectations & expect others to see me as my imaginary self.

Some areas I'm actively working on:


Photo via The Awkward Yeti

1) Small talk — Pointless chit chat used to receive a blank stare from me. But I realize with a quick comment about the weird weather we had last weekend, I can put people at ease & quickly funnel to something more interesting.

I have many strangers to thank for helping me over the last few months. While playing poker is when I get the most practice in. Read more...

I've been struggling with how to go about running ever since graduating school. But I'm making progress! Read more on:

Completed streaks